Kingston residents form political party and launch campaign for 2018 local election

Monday 8th January 2018, Kingston upon Thames: Kingston residents have announced that they have formed their own independent political party, the Kingston Independent Residents Group (KIRG), and will be standing candidates across the borough in their Council elections in May 2018. They have also announced their first 4 prospective council election candidates and launched their new website at .

Mary Clark, the KIRG group leader and existing Kingston Councillor stated:

“Today marks a turning point in the political landscape at Guildhall. Residents who have, for many years, been fed false promises by the national parties just to secure their vote now have an alternative voice, that will fight for them at Kingston Council.

“Residents don’t want national parties telling them what’s good for them locally – they want to decide for themselves. We’ll unveil our detailed policies nearer the election, but have no doubt about it, our plans are big, bold and are all about residents getting their voices back and deciding for themselves.”

Along with Kingston Councillor Mary Clark, the initial group of prospective candidates includes business owner and Berrylands resident, Oliver Eakin; development campaigner and Coombe Vale resident, Patrick Wylde. To complete the first announced prospective candidates, the residents’ party has also announced that current and long-standing Councillor for Old Malden, David Fraser, will be standing for KIRG in May.

Small business owner and Berrylands resident, Oliver Eakin, added:

“It is critical that residents from all backgrounds have a voice. That means we want both fresh faces and those with seasoned political experience, to help drive a broad set of policies focussed on things that matter to people – the local economy, quality-of-life, fiscal responsibility, and a proper long-term vision. We’ve got working mums, existing politicians, successful small business owners and everything in between.

“Residents have become increasingly fed up at being let down by the current Council on a whole range of issues. We’ve seen a steady stream of people sticking their hands up to become candidates in the run up to this launch. We’ve still got space for more. If you love where you live and want to make a difference for the residents of Kingston, drop us a line through our website – we want to hear from you.”

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