Open letter to Kevin Davis on Cocks Crescent SPD

Dear Councillor Davis,

I write following your comments in the Surrey Comet regarding recent protests against the proposed Cocks Crescent SPD. I really do not think that it can be said that residents are playing ‘childish games’, when they have great concern, with regard to the overdevelopment which could very well take place in the centre of New Malden.

The potential of the build of up to 520 flats in Cocks Crescent is in itself a cause for concern, when there is no infrastructure to support the development. Further, the proposed build of a further 290 flats, from the former Shell Garage to the Multi-storey car park, (Shell Garage: 21 units/5-29 Coombe Rd: 85 units/Malden House: 93 units/Multi-storey car park: 91 units) plus the CNM’s proposal to build up to 100 units on St Georges Square – 910 flats would, naturally, be considered, by New Malden residents, as considerable overdevelopment in such a small town centre.

The residents who are concerned are the ‘sensible’ people, as they know that New Malden is far too small to sustain this volume of development.

Also, the whole purpose for the original build of the Cocks Crescent site was to accommodate Community facilities – never for residential build, hence the build of the Malden Centre, swimming pool, Crescent Resource Centre for the Physically Disabled, the Causeway Resource Centre for Learning Disabilities, Womens’ Voluntary Service, Adult Education, Malden Emergency First Aid Society and Citizens Advice Bureau.

Even without the Cocks Crescent development, New Malden High Street may well turn into a ‘builders yard’, within the coming months, as several contractors trundle up and down for months with bricks and mortar to the various development sites – our shops will loose trade, which they are already struggling to maintain.

Flats as high as 10 storeys on such a small site as Cocks Crescent will, without doubt, overshadow the nearby houses in Blagdon Road. The centre of New Malden is being unnecessarily targeted by developers building flats for market value – average price for a STUDIO flat on the Multi-storey car park development is a minimum of£250,000 (documented by the developer)!

New Malden cannot sustain close on 1000 new flats-and it is just not fair on the local residents who are already having to wait for 2/3 weeks for a GP appointment, or obtain a place for their child in a local school.

I have lived in New Malden since 1939 and it is, without doubt, the worse thing that could ever happen to this small town. Trust me – you don’t live here. You may just as well go skywards, and drop a mega bucket of cement over the Centre of New Malden so it becomes just another “concrete jungle”.

Councillor Mary Clark, Old Malden Ward