Final call for candidates to step forward to clean up Kingston in 2018 elections

The Kingston Independent Residents Group (KIRG), the local party for Kingston residents, has moved forward its campaign for better local government by asking residents from across the borough to step forward and join its team of candidates for its 2018 election bid.

Residents saw their first independent council seat in 2015 – Mary Clark in Old Malden Ward. The May 2018 local elections will see new councillors elected from every ward across Kingston.

Mary Clark, group leader of KIRG said:

“The current Tory controlled council have failed the residents of Kingston. For 4 years they’ve incompetently forced national party policies on our borough. These have traded our long-term legacy and quality of life for short-term cash grabbing and self-serving politics. Residents from across the borough have told us they want far higher standards and effective accountability from borough leaders. It’s time for a wholesale change. We desperately need a Council that will work competently and responsibly for the residents of Kingston.”

Patrick Wylde of the Kingston Independent Residents Group said:

“The national political party whip has been running roughshod over the wishes of residents for too long – and every community in Kingston is affected. The only way that locals can decide for themselves is to elect independent councillors in 2018 to be the voice that holds the Council to account. We’re calling on residents from across the borough to join our growing team of residents’ independent candidates for Kingston 2018.”


To find out more about becoming an R4U candidate, volunteer or supporter please call 020 8050 5096 or e-mail