KIRG call for urgent review of town centre GO Cycle works

The Kingston Independent Residents Group have called for an urgent review of the GO Cycle works, which are continuing to cause major disruption in the town centre.

Not only are these works being undertaken without proper consultation with residents living in the area, but they are causing great disruption to shoppers, who are less likely to support our small businesses as a result.

Local campaigner, Bob Tyler, said: “I am very concerned about the latest works in the Town Centre and particularly the ‘shared space’ designs. What is happening is going to be yet another unproven, unsafe ‘shared space’. This and other new works must be consulted on”

GO Cycle


We, the undersigned, call for an urgent review of GO Cycle works on Wheatfield Way and around Kingston Station. These works are causing great disruption to residents in the vicinity, without proper consultation. Further, these works are damaging to shoppers, who are less likely to shop in Kingston as a result of long delays to get in to the town, which has a knock-on effect to small businesses, already struggling in the current economic climate.

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Press Release: Residents launch campaign to reinstate free disabled parking at Kingston Hospital, branding charges ‘a disgrace’

Monday 8th January 2018, Kingston Hospital: The Kingston Independent Residents Group (KIRG) have today launched a campaign to reinstate free parking at Kingston Hospital for blue badge holders, branding proposed changes by the NHS Trust a ‘disgrace’.

Councillor Mary Clark, the KIRG group leader, who sits on the Health Scrutiny Panel, stated:

“This is yet another example of the establishment picking on easy targets. Blue badge holders are the primary users of hospitals and it’s picking on the vulnerable because they are the ones that visit the most.

“These changes are a disgrace, and must be reversed. We will end up with gridlock on Galsworthy Road where blue badge holders will legally park on the double yellow lines, and a situation where those who desperately need to go into hospital may not for fear of cost.”

The residents’ party have launched a petition to Ann Radmore, CEO of Kingston Hospital, calling upon the trust to immediately reinstate free parking for all blue badge holders.

The full text of the petition reads: “We, the undersigned, hereby call upon Ann Radmore, CEO of Kingston Hospital

Councillor David Fraser, who is also a prospective KIRG candidate, sits on the Health Scrutiny Panel and is playing a key role in encouraging residents to sign the petition to support the most vulnerable in Kingston.

Councillor Mary Clark has called upon Councillor Rowena Bass, Chair of the Health Scrutiny Panel, to call an extraordinary meeting to address the changes in parking provision at the hospital.
Residents are encouraged to sign the petition at, before the changes come into effect on the 22nd January.