‘Let residents decide’ – stand as an Independent Councillor

The Kingston Independent Residents Group is seeking residents’ candidates for the 2018 Council Elections. Even though the Council elections are a year away, the local independent party has started recruiting new candidates because of what it claims as a breakdown of trust with local people.

Cllr Mary Clark is the leader of the Kingston Independent Residents Group, and the existing Councillor for Old Malden. She said: Westminster parties simply can’t be trusted with prioritising our local issues. Picking fights with our teachers, doctors, nurses and police directly impacts local families every day. 

“The choice is quite clear. Do we want Westminster parties telling us what to do locally, or should we decide for ourselves? Kingston residents are fed up with their councillors working for Westminster and they now have a unique chance to elect their first residents’ councillors. In 2018, we’d like to see councillors across Kingston elected to Council, that only answer to one boss – residents.

“We are looking for community-minded individuals in all wards who love where they live and would like to make a difference. If you are a school governor, local volunteer, or just a local resident (!), we have the team in place to help you to take the next step and be a champion for your community.”

If you’d like to find out more about standing, please contact us on 020 8050 5096 or e-mail stand@kingstonindependents.org.uk

Our principles

The Kingston Independent Residents Group is a local party, for Kingston residents. Our principles ensure we will:

  • Make Kingston Council more transparent, accountable and inclusive.
    • We publish a transparent, full report of every KIRG councillor’s activity, quarterly. Every KIRG councillor holds a surgery in their ward, every month.
  • Deliver fiscal responsibility at Kingston Council.
    • Your money will be spent efficiently, providing best value for money.
  • Give priority to resident services, including care for the vulnerable, young and elderly.
    • Your needs must be given priority – residents’ needs will always come first.
  • Always independently represent your views.
    • Residents will always be fully represented without the delay of national politics.

Mary Clark, Independent councillor, said:

“Surely it is about time that the three Beverley Ward Councillors desisted from claiming credit for something they never did.

“This time saying they are responsible for arranging for Network Rail to net the roof of the Kingston Road Railway bridge to stop the pigeons roosting. Utter balderdash! Since 2008, years before the three Beverley Ward Councillors were even elected, the local residents, led by Freddie Corbett, and supported by myself, campaigned continously and worked hard towards the ultimate conclusion of this issue.

“It is about time these councillors did something in their Ward that they could genuinely claim credit for – I can think of something they have done, but don’t suppose just 9 months away from the local elections they would want to claim credit for supporting the Cocks Crescent development plan, which could well lead to hundreds of flats being built 10 storeys high on that site – I wouldn’t think that they would want to claim that as one of their successes when it comes to knocking on doors asking for votes.

“They should at least praise, applaud and acknowledge local residents when they go out of their way and take the time and trouble to try to help make their area a better place to live in – not continously pinch the credit from them -after all they are the very residents who elected them!”