Coombe Hill resident to take on sitting Tory councillor ‘parachuted in to a safe seat’ in May election

The Kingston Independent Residents Group (KIRG), the local party of residents, has announced that Coombe Hill resident of 20 years and mother of 3, Helen Hinton, has resigned from the Conservative Party and will be standing as a candidate in Coombe Hill.

Her resignation comes following the decision to select existing Tory Councillor, Ian George, to stand in Coombe Hill, despite being an elected representative for Alexandra Ward in Surbiton.

Helen Hinton, the KIRG prospective ward candidate, said: “Existing Surbiton councillor Ian George became unelectable in his Alexandra ward after overseeing the building of hundreds of homes in Tolworth against the residents‘ wishes; so now he has been parachuted into a safe seat, forcing out a local candidate.

Residents don’t want their town damaged by unsustainable development or a party-poltical refugee; they want a councillor who will actually represent them. We must ensure residents, not politicians, represent Coombe Hill, which is why I am delighted to be standing for the Kingston Independent Residents Group.”


KIRG party leader Cllr Mary Clark said: “We are delighted to have Helen representing residents in Coombe Hill, and I have no doubt that, if elected, Helen will work tirelessly on behalf of her neighbours. It is about time that someone represented the interest of interests rather than those of national parties, and Helen, with her proven track record, will do just that.”

Last year, Helen Hinton called in the controversial Surbiton Crescent decision to Full Council, with the support of hundreds of residents in Coombe and across the borough. To date, the controversial scheme has made some £4.5 million in fines.