Local campaigners urge Council to review viability of town centre developments

In light of John Lewis Partnership’s 99% drop in profit warning, local campaigners are urging the Council to conduct an urgent review into the viability of growth and redevelopment in the town centre.

CEO of Kingston Council, Roy Thompson, said on June 7th that developers at Eden Walk were “not making any money” and there was risk they could walk away.

Bob Tyler, campaigner in Grove Ward, said: “We demand that Kingston Council conduct an immediate review into redevelopment of the town centre, in particular of the viability of the Eden Walk development.

“I urge all concerned residents to sign my petition below to ensure the Council is aware of the pressures facing business, and the knock-on effect this could have on developments in the town centre.”

Review viability of town centre developments:


We the undersigned demand that Kingston Council, particularly in the light of the John Lewis Partnership's 'no profits' announcement, conduct an immediate review of business and regeneration in the town centre, particularly of the viability of the Eden Walk development, moreso as Council CEO Roy Thompson, at a scrutiny meeting on June 7th, said the developers of Eden Walk needed to start the development quickly as they were “not making any money” and could walk away.

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